English Newsletter

About the blog

We have decided to provide you, the students, with the chance to express yourselves in English outside the classroom. With this in mind, we have created this blog where you can post your own thoughts on any subject or topic, while contributing to our website.

With this blog, we intend to make learning a practical and dynamic process by offering a space where you can put into action everything you learn in class and share it with our student community. It is a digital place for exchanging experiences and we want to encourage everyone – even those who cannot attend classes on a regular basis –  to participate actively. So… Don’t be shy! Share your thoughts with all of us!

How does it work?

Every month our blog will be open for you to submit a post on anything that interests you, or that might be appealing to others: cinema, music, art, literature, history,  economy, digital resources, anything you like.

But don’t be scared… We do not seek perfection! Just honest voluntary participation and a little love for your school and your fellow students. So start thinking about something to write about because you may be one blog post away from receiving the next Pulitzer prize!

We look forward to publishing your ideas and comments!

Blog Entries