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A horoscope is a type of astrological chart or diagram that represents the positions of celestial bodies such as the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars at a specific time and place. It is often used in astrology as a tool for predicting future events and personality traits based on the interpretation of these celestial positions. Horoscopes are commonly associated with the 12 zodiac signs.

Each zodiac sign has unique characteristics and traits that are said to influence a person’s personality and destiny. Many people read their daily horoscope to gain insights into what the day may bring or to help them make decisions. While horoscopes are not scientifically proven to be accurate predictors of the future, they can be a fun and interesting way to explore astrology and gain new perspectives on life.


Welcome to our class horoscope brought to you by our talented students! Today’s forecast is packed with the celestial insights you need to make the most of your day.

So sit back, relax, and let the stars guide you through the ups and downs of life. Whether you’re a go-getter Aries or a dreamy Pisces, we’ve got you covered with all the juicy details that the cosmos has in store for you.

Don’t be a chicken and miss out on this chance to see what the universe anticipates. Click on the link below to read their wonderful predictions!


Cat Description

Descriptions are an essential aspect of language learning for ESL learners at the A2 level. Not only do they allow learners to communicate more effectively in everyday situations, but they also provide a solid foundation for developing their vocabulary and grammar skills.

Indeed, working descriptions enable learners to convey their ideas in a more precise and nuanced manner, which is crucial when communicating with native speakers. In addition, mastering the art of description can help learners express their opinions and viewpoints more effectively, and can be particularly beneficial in academic or professional settings.

Moreover, working with descriptions can also help learners develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This process can also enhance their ability to think creatively and innovatively, as they explore different ways of describing and interpreting the world around them.

By mastering this skill, learners become more confident and competent users of the English language. Here is the work of one of our wonderful students who described her cat family.

CAt Picture

Five Little Lives

Today i am gonna talk abaut my pets. Let´s begun with:

Rengar: it is a male-cat, he is the oldest of them when I met rengar, he lived in the streets, he was a stray cat, he was  very malnourised. But he was friendly. He is half tabby and White, he is one-eyed, his healty eye is green, his other eye is Brown. The vet said to me that´s because someone  had mistreatment him.

Nailah: is a female-cat she seems Rengar´s daughter, but she isn´t. both are the same colours. She has eyes green, she is very kind with everybody. She is thin and big. She always wears a blue collar. When Nailah was born her mother always brought her to me and every night we always slept together. Since then Nailah is very close to me.

Killiam: is a male-cat , I found killiam so scared on car´s enchine because that day there were Fireworks, killiam is the same age than Nailah. He is a blue russian cat and has yellow eyes. He is very big and talkative. He is always sleeping with me and he loves to get into the boxes.

Negrilla: is a female-cat, she is Nailah´s dougther. She is completely black, except for a White circle on her neck. She has a very smooth fur, she is funny.  She sometimes brings mice, bats or gekos. Every morning when i get up, she goes to play with my shoesleaces. She doesn´t want me to go work Negrilla and killiam are very close.

The youngest is Freya, she is a female-cat her paws, face, ears and tail are dark Brown the rest of her body is White. When she was born, her motherwas verys sick and infected her. The Little freya had swollen eyes and she couldn´t see. Fortunately, her former owner gave her to me. I healed her but she still couldn´t see. Now she is very exicited and happy , she is always breaking everything that she can catch.

That´s all for now…

English Department

Jose Requejo Sanchez

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